A ‘Technology Consultancy’: G4 Geomatic Resources Takes Innovative Approach to Equipment, Service and Support

New business combines the expertise of G4 Spatial Technologies, Geomatic Resources, Easy Drive and Leica Geosystems Houston to create unmatched advantages for surveying, engineering and construction professionals throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Leica Geosystems US/Canada President Craig Martin (center) joined the G4 Geomatic Resources team (from left) Donnie Steele, John Clark, Jeff Ryall and Rodney Walsh for the launch of the new company at the TSPS 70th Annual Convention & Tech Expo on Oct. 6.

When G4 Spatial Technologies (formerly Miller Blueprint Surveying Department) and Easy Drive Stake announced a merger of operations and partnership with Geomatic Resources in 2018, surveyors immediately noticed the difference. “We started to hear from firms how valuable it was to be able to work with a single, knowledgeable resource throughout most of Texas and Oklahoma,” explains Rodney Walsh, G4 Geomatic Resources president. “These firms could take on any project in just about any city or county without concern about equipment or supplies, knowing all they had to do was make a quick phone call and we would be there to support them. It was like they had an on-demand extension of their business across the region.”

Today, that approach has expanded to cover the entirety of both states as Leica Geosystems Houston joins the business that has been rebranded to G4 Geomatic Resources. The company announced the formation of the new venture at the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors 70th Annual Convention & Tech Expo on Oct. 6, 2021. “Banding together under the single unified brand of G4 Geomatic Resources assures our clients that they’ll always be fully supported and have the same consistent experience every time,” says G4 Geomatic Resources Partner Jeff Ryall. “This gives them the confidence to pursue increasingly complex projects and commit to tight timelines, knowing that we’ll support them in achieving their objectives.”

Surveyors come to Rodney Walsh (left) of G4 Geomatic Resources for assistance with technology as well as suggestions for maximizing efficiency and solving tough challenges.

A Different Kind of Technology Dealership

Ryall, who served as the Leica Geosystems technical sales and support representative in Houston for the last 13 years, says the move represents a significant investment in professionals in the region. The new company is establishing a fully staffed brick-and-mortar location in Houston that will be like G4 Geomatic Resources other offices in key locations throughout the state. Clients can visit any location to explore new surveying, building construction and laser scanning/reality capture technology, as well as any supplies they might need in their work.

The head service technician in Houston, Ronald Enamorado, will also continue to serve clients as part of the G4 Geomatic Resources team. Importantly, Ryall says, the new company “remains committed to service after the sale. Our office locations make it convenient for professionals to obtain technical support and training, and access an authorized Leica Geosystems service center for all their service needs. But our clients know they can just as easily call any of our locations and we’ll come to them.”

But G4 Geomatic Resources isn’t just another technology dealership. Instead, it’s more of a consultancy. Clients who work with G4 Geomatic Resources find a partner who helps them use technology to be successful and profitable, and who takes care of their logistics in keeping their technology current, including software, training and maintenance.

“With dedicated resources in each market and a full-time logistics coordinator on staff, we provide our clients with the ultimate experience,” explains G4 Geomatic Resources Partner Donnie Steele, who previously led G4 Spatial Technologies. “We keep up with all their current and future equipment needs, from the most basic gear to the most groundbreaking reality capture technology. This approach has already made us the preferred resource in the region, and we look forward to extending these benefits to even more clients.”

Jeff Ryall (left) of G4 Geomatic Resources with surveyor Victor Rodriguez after a technology training session. Ryall is known throughout the Houston area for providing exceptional customer support.

Support You Can Count on When You Need It Most

G4 Geomatic Resources brings a long history of service to the region. Each of the four business partners—Rodney Walsh, Jeff Ryall, Donnie Steele and John Clark—has more than 20 years of experience in surveying, construction and Leica Geosystems technology. The company’s operations have been continuously supplying surveyors in San Antonio since 1950 and Austin since 1920, gaining the trust of surveying and construction professionals over decades of first-rate technical support and service.

The company provides full Leica Geosystems service in-house, and it also provides fast, free delivery on a diverse portfolio of survey and construction supplies for the state of Texas. But there’s one aspect of G4 Geomatic Resources that professionals in the region value even more.

“We are known as the guys you count on for help when you need it most,” Steele says.

With our combined resources, we have the right experience to serve professionals throughout Texas and Oklahoma and help them optimize their success in surveying and building construction,” adds Walsh. “We’re redefining what a technology dealer should be.”

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