It's the total station that grows with you. Built to adapt and overcome, it configures easily to your needs.


Automatic Target Recognition

Target Lock

Operate Up To
8 Hrs in the Field

Power Search

Speed Search


Reflectorless Range

This industry leader takes range to a whole new level.

Auto Height

An industry first, auto height is a revolutionary feature that drastically increases the speed of your onsite setup. It automatically measures, reads and sets your instrument’s height. Not only does this speed things up but it also helps avoid typical errors.

Dream Big By Starting Small

Cost-effective and ready to grow, the TS13 allows you to add new modules to your system when you are ready.

Tablet Lock

Display Unit

Robotic Surveying
Prism Fast Search


Built for the real world whether you get stuck in rain, snow or on dusty roads, the TS13 will not disappoint.

Track and Protect
your total stations

Avoid theft and maximize fleet management by knowing precisely where your instruments are at all times. Set up geofences to get alerts when instruments leave an area. Remotely lock and unlock your instrument with from your mobile device or computer. LOC8 gives you peace of mind and the potential for lower insurance premiums.


Companies often can get lost in the race to add features while forgetting about the most important element, you. With Captivate, we focused on bringing back the human side to technology.


Solve your problems in the field with the help of our support team that can remotely access your device and assist with any needs in the field.


Easily and seamlessly sync your data with the office for an efficient and easy workflow.