Are your field crews and utility inspectors collecting asset data in the easiest way possible? Here are eight reasons why BYOD is the future of GIS.

Empowering every utility inspector to quickly and easily collect accurate asset data is the key to achieving a real-time, high-value city map.

Combining high-accuracy GIS data collection with seamless field workflows and an augmented reality visualization platform delivers next-level intelligence on utility infrastructure.

An underground utility contractor delivers high value GIS with smart antennas and intuitive mobile data capture software.

From the productivity gains of seamless software integration to the ability to see underground GIS utilities in real time with AR, the latest innovations provide big benefits

The latest mobile apps keep field data collection simple while giving you a host of professional data capture functions to increase your productivity.

Compact, affordable, easy to use and highly flexible, the latest smart antennas provide centimeter-level accuracy for intelligent asset mapping.

A GNSS smart antenna with an integrated GIS workflow increases efficiency, ensures accuracy and accelerates the turnaround of deliverables to clients.

Accurate geospatial data is crucial to creating the cities of the future. Sam Dougherty, PLS, explains why working with the right technology partner matters.