GIS App Spotlight: Ecobot Fast-Tracks Pre-Construction Environmental Permitting

Blazing fast workflows with high accuracy and the ability to work the way you want are key benefits of pairing Ecobot with the Leica Zeno FLX100 plus smart antenna.

The first phase of any construction project is an environmental analysis. Required to meet mandatory environmental permitting regulations, this analysis is often tedious and time-consuming. Field teams must verify the existence of wetland areas, vegetation, and environmental features, assess them, and compile their findings in detailed reports. The Ecobot platform significantly streamlines this process.

Ecobot is a cloud-based platform designed to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in mandatory pre-construction environmental permitting. Comprising both mobile and desktop components, Ecobot optimizes real-time data accessibility.

The mobile component, Ecobot Collector, uses automated calculations and robust offline functionality to enable field teams to complete their fieldwork in a fraction of the time and cut out a significant level-of-effort at the office.

Ecobot Collector is now available as a fully integrated option with the Leica Zeno FLX100 plus smart antenna.

The FLX100 plus is an easy-to-use, single-button device for GIS data collection. With no setup or learning curve, the FLX100 plus is ready to use right out of the box with an iOS, Android or Windows device. The tool’s simplicity and flexibility lets users capture positioning data effortlessly and efficiently, regardless of their surveying background or expertise. Users appreciate its simplicity, compact and cable-free design, long battery life (more than 20 hours), and affordable price point.

The ability to use Ecobot Collector with the FLX100 plus gives wetland scientists and other professionals involved in environmental permitting an easy, fast, high-accuracy way to complete data collection, post-processing and reporting.

“Ecobot provides data integrity and quality control, and it follows federal and state forms for consistent data collection and reporting,” says Jason Hooten, GIS sales and support manager for Leica Geosystems in the U.S. and Canada. “Ecobot is a perfect complement to the FLX100 plus.”

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