Join Eric Cowan on June 27 to explore key considerations for evaluating and applying this fast, flexible reality capture technology.

A novel approach pioneered by Langan combines above-ground and below-ground high-accuracy 3D mapping to give project stakeholders quick access to comprehensive site intelligence.

Hint: Your partnerships matter as much as your technology.

Using a mobile mapping system that is ‘leaps and bounds over everything else in the market’ gives the firm a significant advantage in speed, data quality, and safety.

Join Seth Gulich in this on-demand session to learn how to use REGISTER 360 PLUS to maximize your P-Series point clouds and save time on multi-sensor workflows.

Burke Asay shows how to complete your survey in 60 seconds and make the data instantly accessible in the office, with just a few extra minutes for processing and reporting. Is your workflow that fast?

Adam Westfall, PS, shows you why TruSlicer is the most important tool you can use to test the alignment of your point cloud on the fly.

Adam Westfall, PS, shows you why locking before or after applying control depends on how the control was generated.

Adam Westfall, PS, shows you why scan spacing and overlap are critical elements when doing cloud-to-cloud registration.

Are you keeping your RTK GNSS firmware/software up to date? Burke Asay of Leica Geosystems shows how this small step can have a big impact on productivity.