Safeguard Your Survey Gear with LOC8

With the ability to track your instruments and lock them from any location, LOC8 is the no-worries way to achieve high productivity surveying in any environment.

Lock and Locate

A simple solution to track and manage your technology fleet and prevent theft.


Your survey gear is your livelihood. You can’t afford to have someone walk off with your technology investment. LOC8 gives you peace of mind. 

“The ability to recover stolen equipment is huge. This advance changes the way professionals work in the field.”

– Alan McKay

A unique solution for Leica Geosystems total stations, LOC8 not only helps you track and manage your fleet, it is also a theft deterrent. 

  • See where your instruments are at a glance.
  • Remotely lock and unlock your total station with a click of a button through your app or web account. 
  • Set up geo fences and get alerts when your instruments leave the fenced area.
  • Get access to insurance coverage at optimized rates with the ability to track, locate and lock your total stations.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your total station, now’s the time. Get the best in productivity with one-person robotic technology and the peace of mind of knowing your investment is protected.

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