xyHt Reviews the GS18 T

What’s so special about a self-calibrating, magnetically immune tilt compensating high-precision GNSS rover? xyHt magazine provides the scoop.

At Intergeo 2017, Leica Geosystems released a new GNSS RTK rover that made heads turn. Called the GS18 T, the innovation was the first true tilt compensation solution immune to magnetic disturbances. It was also calibration-free.

“This is not just another rover with an electronic bubble and tilt compensation. This new technology represents a genuinely significant step in the evolution of GNSS rovers.”

– xyHt

Since then, the GS18 T has proven to be a workhorse that dramatically increases productivity and safety for surveying, engineering and mapping professionals, as well as individuals in public safety, construction and any other application requiring high-speed, high-precision positioning.

xyHt magazine wrote an in-depth review on the GS18 T. Read the full review here.

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