New Cloud Software from Hexagon Promises to ‘Change the Way Reality Capture Professionals Work’

Early reviewers of Reality Cloud Studio highlight big changes in the way users will process, deliver, and visualize point cloud data.

Among the innovations launched at the HxGN LIVE technology conference in Las Vegas is a cloud software development that is generating a significant amount of discussion in the reality capture community. Called Reality Cloud Studio, the new software-as-a-service (SAAS) application makes it easy to process reality capture data and share it securely with others for real-time collaboration.

Reality Cloud Studio is built on Hexagon’s HxDR cloud-based storage, visualization, and collaboration platform. It uses automation to simplify and streamline time-consuming processes such as point cloud processing, registration, meshing, and cleaning, and it provides a path for instant data transfer from the field to the cloud for immediate access by teams and key stakeholders.

The software allows you to collaborate in real-time with measurements, annotations, attachments, comments, and virtual tours. If you need to perform detailed analysis and reporting, you can stream data directly from Reality Cloud Studio into the Cyclone 3DR desktop software, with more Leica Geosystems reality capture software connections to come.

Initial reviews focused on how fast and easy the software is to use with the drag-and-drop and one-click capabilities. Others appreciated the remote measurement and markup capabilities. “Really excited about Reality Cloud studio!” remarked the chief innovation officer of a geospatial services firm. “Starting to pull the reality capture ecosystem together.”

Sample visualizations from power users can already be found online, and more are expected soon.

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