5 Easy Ways to Max Out the Benefits of Your CCP

Are you leaving money on the table from an underutilized CCP? Review this checklist to maximize the value of your investment.

A customer care package (CCP) is an easy way to keep your surveying equipment current and operating at peak performance. Whether you have a basic package, gold package, or somewhere in between, your CCP can give you access to preventive maintenance, extended warranties, firmware and software updates, and premium support. But merely having a CCP isn’t enough to harness its complete value. You have to know the benefits available to you and put in place standard operating procedures to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the perks.

Here’s a quick and easy checklist to help you fully leverage your CCP.

1. Promptly install firmware and software updates.

Your CCP provides access to vital firmware and software updates, yet many, including veteran surveyors, often overlook this benefit. Field crews may regularly dismiss upgrade prompts on their equipment either because they’re too busy to deal with it or they don’t want to change anything in their current workflows.

But these updates are crucial for boosting your equipment’s functionality and efficiency. They ensure compatibility with rapidly evolving platforms like AutoCAD and GNSS, and introduce cutting-edge capabilities that can deliver valuable productivity improvements.

Tommy Nichols, technical support specialist at Leica Geosystems, recommends, “Identify a designated champion of technology in your company who can manage upgrades, ensuring smooth operation without halting production. Keeping all your systems updated can help you avoid downtime, and that’s a win for everyone.”

2. Maintain your hardware the way you maintain your work trucks.

Access to ongoing hardware maintenance is a key benefit of many CCPs and should be a regular part of your routine. The costs of regular preventive maintenance are minor compared to the expenses stemming from an unexpected equipment failure or inaccurate data from an out-of-spec instrument. Scheduled servicing under a CCP can stave off the expenses and inconveniences of emergency repairs or rush services, allowing for more predictable budgeting. And the reassurance of having equipment in top condition is invaluable.

Russell Snell, sales engineer at Leica Geosystems, says, “Most companies maintain their survey vehicles diligently. They will invest around $100,000 to buy and outfit a truck, then regularly service it to ensure reliability and maintain its resale value. This same mindset should extend to surveying equipment.”

3. Lean on your support team to deliver more value.

A major advantage of CCPs is access to a dedicated customer support team that quickly and effectively resolves issues. An active CCP enables the support team to access crucial details like which firmware version you’re using for effective troubleshooting and a comprehensive support case system that provides a swift and efficient response to problems.

Todd Hermsen, customer service manager at Leica, says, “Our support team values your success above all else. When you call central support, you’ll quickly be connected with an expert who is knowledgeable and fast at resolving your issues. Building trust is a priority with every call.”

Beyond troubleshooting, local resources are also available to support you. “We go above and beyond what you expect,” explains Snell. “We want to know how everything is going for you and whether a solution worked out, whether there are any other issues. We want to know how we can help you over the long term.”

4. Keep your team sharp through training and consulting.

Training and consulting services offered through your CCP help ensure your team’s proficiency with the latest tools and technologies, improving operational efficiency, and maximizing investment returns. With thorough training, your management and field crew members can discover and utilize capabilities that can give you an edge in your markets.

CCPs also offer inclusive customer support that goes beyond basic product care, including consulting services.

“Our representatives can work directly with you to help improve your workflows and increase efficiency,” explains Snell. “This might include suggesting how to approach new projects, resolving specific challenges, or training you in areas you’re unfamiliar with. The active consulting service is as valuable as taking care of the instruments themselves.”

5. Work with a Technology Provider You Can Trust

Maximizing the value of your CCP will improve your operations and bottom line. By fully harnessing your CCP, you can enhance efficiency, reduce unexpected costs, and ultimately, drive higher returns on your technology investment. This strategy hinges on the steadfast support of a knowledgeable customer service team that is dedicated to your success.

“We’re committed to working with our customers indefinitely, to the point where it’s really more of a partnership or friendship,” says Nichols. “They know they can depend on us. That’s a big deal.”

To talk to one of our experts and learn more about ways to optimize your surveying potential, please contact us.