Clean Data, Survey Versatility Among Key Reasons to Use a MultiStation

Why should you consider using a MultiStation? Users cite clean and accurate point cloud data along with the ability to get fast, precise total station measurements in one solution.

When you need fast and accurate surveys with a traditional survey workflow, your first instinct might be to use a total station. But what if you could easily add the ability to capture clean and accurate point clouds as needed? According to a recent discussion on LinkedIn, that’s exactly what makes the MultiStation such a powerful surveying tool. 

“I use a ms50 for tunneling and I can assure anyone scans can be that clear. I’ve taken well over a thousand scans of variable resolution. The only distinguishing component from dedicated scanners is time.”

– Robert

Check out the post and the comments below.


“Only 1,000 points per second, so no way a general purpose scanner but a fantastic piece of kit for precision engineering and monitoring tasks as it is also a high-spec total station.”

– Shane


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