Who Manages Your Technology Information?

Having a technology account administrator can help you maximize your access to technology information, training and support, keeping your firm at peak levels of productivity and performance.

Information portals are a basic way to stay up-to-date on information from your technology manufacturer. These online resources provide easy access to product information, customer service package details, and technology documentation. Portals such as Leica MyWorld also provide access to  firmware upgrades, service records, SmartNet subscriptions, service subscriptions such as Leica Exchange and GeoMoS Now!, as well as online training and support. What you might not know is that having an account administrator can help you maximize your use of this information portal and all its resources.

“Having a single MyWorld account enables larger firms to create and manage users under a single account,” says Tim Kerr, senior geomatics support engineer for Leica Geosystems US/Canada. “It also helps companies stay organized and connected to a single product database, makes it easier to access services and manage entire fleets. Your account administrator can be key to helping you optimize performance across your firm.”

A new Tech Tips video from the Leica Geosystems Surveying & Engineering (S&E) support team shows how to request an administrator account and walks you through the basics of creating and managing the account. Watch the video here.


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