Video Library: Cyclone Model Tutorials

Learn from reality capture expert Matthew Brown how to advance your skills in 3D modeling using Cyclone MODEL software.

Part 1: Manually Creating Cylinders and Elbows

Part 2: 3D Modeling Pipe Run

Part 3: Adjusting Elbows

Part 4: Modeling Methods

Part 5: 3D Modeling T Steel Beams

Part 6: Modeling Tubular Steel

Part 7: Walls and Voids

Part 8: 3D Modeling Complex Objects

Part 9: Model Library Manager

Part 10: Exporting 3D Models for CAD

Part 11: Importing 3D Models into CAD


About the Author:

Matthew Brown is a subject matter expert in mobile mapping and 3D laser scanning/high-definition surveying (HDS) technologies. He has been at the forefront of 3D laser scanning throughout his career and has been heavily involved with mobile mapping since 2009. His scanning experience spans offshore platforms, aircraft, heavy infrastructure, buildings, tens of thousands of miles of roadway, countless haul routes, and hundreds of thousands of assets. As southeast regional manager of reality capture for Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, Matt guides professionals on choosing the best solutions and achieving superior outcomes.


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