Video: Tech Insider – What Drives Jason Ellis?

Go behind the scenes with Jason Ellis to explore why so many Leica Geosystems mobile mapping customers consider Jason a trusted advisor, mentor, and friend.

Jason Ellis is a reality capture expert and mobile mapping consultant for Leica Geosystems. His bio and LinkedIn profile give you the highlights. But of course there’s more.

In this interview, Jason discusses his surveying roots, the biggest influences in his professional journey, and what he believes about the role of surveying fundamentals in light of technology innovation. He also shares some surprising facts about his personal skills, as well as how he spends his downtime.

You might recognize Jason as the “Leica mobile mapping guy” from trade conferences or professional articles; this episode of Tech Insider is your opportunity to get to know him for who he really is.

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About Jason Ellis:

For over 20 years Jason Ellis has been an agent of change by way of technology and a passionate advocate of all things geospatial. Every day he works to help organizations transform their potential by exploring and implementing mobile reality capture solutions. As the North American mobile mapping sales and technical consultant for Leica Geosystems, he works closely with collaborators who are driving reality capture and helping to shape the landscape of the industry.  Follow Jason on LinkedIn.