Video: Tech Insider – What R.W. Engineering & Surveying Finds Most Surprising About the Leica Pegasus TRK Mobile Mapping System

Discover why the civil engineering and land surveying firm chose the TRK and why they see it as a game changer for so many surveying and mapping applications.

The mobile mapper has integrated easily into our workflow and generated a high level of interest among the consultants we work with. It has enhanced our existing operations and opened new doors in business development.” 

Andrew J. Pokorny, 3D Scanning Coordinator

What’s the best way to grow a civil engineering and land surveying surveying business while running a lean, efficient organization? In this episode of Tech Insider, we explore the answer to that question with R.W. Engineering & Surveying Inc.

Andrew Pokorny, LSIT, 3D scanning coordinator, and Brian Yentes, PLS, vice president and land surveyor, level-set on challenges such as staff retention, business diversification, and the growing need for an ever-faster turnaround on high-quality, high-value deliverables. You’ll learn how R.W. Engineering & Surveying went from relying exclusively on old-school traditional surveying approaches to the leading edge of reality capture in just two and a half years. The non-Leica shop shares why they chose the Leica Pegasus TRK mobile mapping technology and why they see it as a game changer for so many surveying and mapping applications. Plus, hear why they’re so surprised about this one aspect of the Leica Pegasus TRK system.

Whether you’re looking to partner with a lean and innovative engineering and surveying firm that can bring outstanding value to your project, or are evaluating mobile lidar technology for your own business, this interview will give you the insights you need make the right choice.

“Kyle Palmer has been amazing at returning our calls within minutes. We’ll send him a text, and he responds almost immediately. He always has an answer, and if he doesn’t then he is quick to jump into the talent pool at Leica and find somebody who can give us an answer. It’s just been a great experience with Leica. And we cannot sing your praises enough for the quality of the product as well as the service backing up your product.”

—Brian L. Yentes, Vice President Land Surveyor

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