xyHt Reviews Captivate Software

The full 3D surveying field data collection capabilities of Captivate software are a dramatic leap in surveying innovation. xyHt magazine explains why this matters.

With touchscreen technology and the ability to create realistic 3D renderings, Leica Captivate is not your typical field software for land surveying. In fact, it’s much better. Designed to be simple to use and support a fully digital workflow, Captivate makes it fast and easy to complete field work.

“One of the wonderful things about Captivate is to view and rotate things in 3D. This gives me the ability to perform a QA/QC check on a new scanned dataset onsite. … The Captivate software platform has helped to streamline our services and minimize impacts previously experienced when changing from one type of collection and stakeout software to another.”

– Don Smith, BL Companies

xyHt magazine had the opportunity to explore Captivate and talk to some of the product experts as well as surveyors who use the software. Read the full review here.

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