On-Demand Webinar: How to Supercharge Your Surveying with a MultiStation

Discover why so many surveying and engineering firms rely on a MultiStation as a must-have surveying tool.

For more than five years, only one scanning total station has been good enough to be chosen first for its fast, precise robotic total station capabilities: the Leica Nova MultiStation.

Add long-distance high-definition laser scanning, integrated GNSS, dual camera imaging and user-friendly software, and you have an unbeatable advantage.

“First and foremost, the MS60 is a very accurate one-arc-second total station that you can use every single day in the field. When that project arises where you need to scan something, you can feel confident that you have the correct tool. It doesn’t get any easier.”

– Peyton Hatch

Watch the on-demand webinar presented by Peyton Hatch, instrument specialist at Kuker-Ranken, to gain insight into:

  • How and where a MultiStation adds value
  • How advances in field and office software streamline survey workflows
  • How companies have used the MultiStation to achieve impressive advances in rollercoaster installation verification and monitoring, industrial pipeline engineering, bridge clearances, building information modeling, and other complex engineering and design applications
  • When to use a MultiStation vs. a full-dome laser scanner
  • What sets the MultiStation apart from other scanning total stations

Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn more.

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