How to Grow Your Business with 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning can help you create new business opportunities, increase your competitiveness and improve productivity. Learn what you need to know to put laser scanning to work for your firm.

3D laser scanning allows you to quickly capture, visualize and pre-register data in the field, which can then be processed in the office to deliver conventional 2D models and 3D digital twins, helping you offer better and higher value services to your clients and win new business. As a measurement expert who is skilled at understanding the nuances of data, you have an advantage in applying laser scanning to document structures and environments safer, faster and more effectively. Explore the content below to discover how to put laser scanning to work for your business.

Survey Digitalization and the Power of Automation

“The amount of data we’re able to accumulate in a very short period of time suddenly transforms the typical dataset that we as surveyors have utilized in the past into a vivid image that shows, without a doubt, how you have a raised section of highway going over a road underneath, and how you have structures and buildings on either side. The ability to have this for communication purposes is huge.”

– Donald A. Smith, PLS, BL Companies


On-Demand Webinar: How to Unlock Your Surveying Potential with Reality Capture

Learn from Derek Twente (left) and Andy Joost how strategically and continually making reality capture technology investments over the past decade, from terrestrial laser scanning to mobile mapping, has launched TWM’s land surveying department into an entirely new trajectory as a self-sufficient leader in billings, profit and innovation


The Payoff of a Scanning Total Station

“[Laser scanning] keeps my guys out of the middle of the road. It’s a much safer situation. And it’s definitely opened some new doors. We’ve had prospective clients call us and say, ‘Do you do scanning?’ And you can tell right then and there, if we had said no, that would have been the end of it. But now we can say yes.”

– David Titcomb, PLS, Titcomb Associates

Webinar Series Guides Surveyors to Point Cloud Mastery

From how to choose the right data capture instrument, to using point clouds in CAD and creating advanced deliverables, this webinar series walks you through everything you need to know.


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