Survey Digitalization and the Power of Visualization

Want to improve project communication within your organization and with your clients? Point clouds and flythrough videos speak volumes.

As a surveyor you’re probably an expert at visualizing. You can look at a CAD drawing of points and lines and see the exact location of sidewalks and the edge of pavement. But how long does it take to explain those details to a drafter back in the office who hasn’t been onsite, or to your client who wants to understand how the data relates to the proposed design?

There is a better way.

When Don Smith, PLS, senior project manager and principal of BL Companies, first invested in laser scanning with a Leica MS60 MultiStation three years ago, one of the first benefits he noticed was the visualization capabilities.

“It shed a completely new light on how we can have a greater ability to communicate with our clients, with our co-workers, with our peers,” he explained in webinar that is now available on-demand. “The amount of data we’re able to accumulate in a very short period of time suddenly transforms the typical dataset that we as surveyors have utilized in the past into a vivid image that shows, without a doubt, how you have a raised section of highway going over a road underneath. You have structures and buildings on either side. The ability to have this for communication purposes is huge.”

The scanning total station was just the first step for BL Companies into 3D laser scanning, but it helped the firm build a business case to fully integrate scanning into its operations. The resulting value has been tremendous. 

Watch the full webinar here: Automation, Digitalization and the Rise of the Next Generation Surveyor

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