On-Demand Webinar: Automation, Digitalization and the Rise of the Next Generation Surveyor

Discover how to harness technology to achieve a digital transformation that will have an impact on your current business and the future of the profession.
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    Digital levels, total stations and GNSS receivers—these are the standard tools of a surveyor. But so, too, are 3D laser scanners, UAVs, mobile mapping systems, and a host of powerful software that translates real-world as-built data into intelligent high-value deliverables.

    The last decade has seen unimaginable advances in technology, from touch technology software and scanning total stations to tilt and visual positioning rovers, handheld mobile mapping systems and high-speed scanning solutions. Field surveyors are increasingly expected to be able to use all of these solutions and also bring the data back into the office and handle the processing and drafting. But young surveyors also want to be able to work with these solutions, and the firms that provide the best opportunities with technology will be the ones able to secure the best talent—and the best clients. What will it take to position yourself for success in this new paradigm?


    “We as a profession had better have the technology and be able to automate and digitalize and work in a 3D environment if we want to captivate the next generation of young professionals.”

    —Donald A. Smith, PLS, Senior Project Manager, Commercial UAS Pilot and Principal, BL Companies

    This engaging presentation explores the journey of digital survey transformation through the eyes of Donald A. Smith, PLS, senior project manager, commercial UAS pilot, and principal of BL Companies.

    You’ll learn:

    • Why automation and digitalization are a basic requirement, not a luxury, for today’s surveyors
    • How to create digital 3D environments that give you a competitive advantage
    • How to measure the value of laser scanning in areas that can’t be quantified, such as safety and communications
    • How to attract the talent you need to stay on the leading edge into the future

    Don’s passion for the surveying profession and his courageous exploration of new approaches will inspire you. Fill out the form above to watch the on-demand webinar now.



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