Technology Review: Leica Pegasus TRK Neo Addresses the Challenges of the Future

The growing demand for high-precision 3D reality capture data can only be met by smart 3D reality capture systems like the TRK, says Gavin Schrock in this Geospatial World Prime story.

3D mapping is a large and rapidly growing field. In fact, there’s so much growth in demand that the mobile mapping systems of the past are no longer sufficient. Instead, newer and smarter systems are needed, with the simplicity to make them practical. According to Gavin Schrock in Geospatial World Prime, the Leica Pegasus TRK Neo addresses many of the challenges posed by this “geospatially charged future.”

“All the talk of digital cities, or ‘metaverses,’ will not come to anything without a lot of smart reality data capture,” Schrock says. “Even at highway speeds, millions of kilometers of roads and rail equate to a lot more mobile mapping than can be handled presently with legacy solutions by orders of magnitude.

“The good news is that automation, AI, and advanced components we see integrated so well in systems like the Pegasus TRK means that many more people can be effective mobile mappers than ever before.”

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