This New App Lets You Quickly and Easily Measure Offset Points

The secret to enhancing the standard offset capability of your total station is an easy add-on to your field software.

Measuring points with a total station is generally straightforward. But what if you’re working alone and need to measure points on a building corner or another object that can’t be measured directly due to the size of the prism? A new app in the Captivate software lets you easily account for the prism offset.

The Offset+ app is an add-on application that mirrors the look and feel of the Measure app but with increased functionality. You can topo measure, code a point and do your linework as you normally would in Captivate, but now you also have a shortcut to quickly and easily do an offset to a prism.

The app gives you eight options. Three options let you take a measurement and store a point (length offset, left offset or right offset). You also have three choices to take a distance and add the offset. If you want to create a point based on two previously measured points or do an offset point with two previously measured points, you can choose prolongation distance or orthogonal distance.

Under settings, you can select the coding method and decide whether to store the offset information, as well as choose your stake orientation and how you want to enter your offset values (manual or automatic using the target information).

The app is an easy way to enhance the standard offset capability of your total station and gives you another way to increase efficiency and productivity in your surveys.

A new Tech Tips video from the Leica Geosystems Surveying & Engineering (S&E) support team walks you through how to use the Captivate Offset+ app. Watch the video here.

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