Rapid Baseline-Referenced Inspections with Leica Cyclone 3DR

Join Adam Westfall to learn how to quickly create high-value reports that provide crucial insight for your clients.

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    Generating inspection reports that reference a specific baseline, whether defined by you or your client, is often a time-consuming process that requires iterative effort to produce meaningful deliverables. Even with high-speed laser scanning to capture the data, creating the report has required analyzing each cross section or station individually to create the necessary CAD elements—time that can add up quickly on large and midsize projects.

    Now there’s a better way.

    Leica Cyclone 3DR streamlines the process by automating the creation of CAD elements from the point cloud. A quick QA/QC is all that’s needed from your side. In a matter of minutes, you can complete robust deliverables with accurate measurements to aid in project decision-making.

    In this 60-minute educational session, Adam Westfall will show you how to use Cyclone 3DR to produce baseline route referenced reports that contain detailed deviation information in an easy-to-understand visual format. Using sample data from a wall monitoring project and a tunnel clearance analysis project, he’ll show you how to go from data import to deliverable export in just a few clicks.

    You'll Learn

    • How to effectively conduct a baseline-referenced analysis
    • How to compare datasets to perform a compliance analysis
    • How to quickly create insightful reports that will stand out as market differentiators

    Watch this session now to see how much time you can save on baseline-referenced inspections.

    About the Instructor

    Adam Westfall, PS, has more than 22 years of experience in surveying roles ranging from party chief and CADD technician to project manager, surveying director, reality capture field engineer and business owner. As reality capture consultant for Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, Adam focuses on helping surveying and engineering firms achieve transformational innovation with laser scanning technology. Follow Adam on LinkedIn.

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