Video: This Survey Firm Knows the Secret to Great Client Relationships

What’s the best way to set your firm apart and complete high-quality work quickly and accurately? Titcomb Associates shares their strategy.


Keeping surveyors safe, completing projects quickly, tackling challenging projects with confidence, exceeding clients’ expectations—these are some of David Titcomb’s chief objectives. The professional licensed land surveyor is the second-generation owner of Titcomb Associates, a small but thriving survey business in Falmouth, Maine, that he took over from his father, Robert P. Titcomb, PLS, in 1985. The company has two offices, employs three professional land surveyors and six field crews, and has provided services to hundreds of clients in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, including numerous engineering firms and the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT). Among the company’s key business decisions has been an unwavering commitment to providing excellent service and using best-in-class technology. “If we can consistently keep providing great information that is accurate and timely, we develop these great relationships with our clients,” David says.

Watch the video to see how Titcomb Associates stays on the leading edge.

“Instead of thinking, ‘That’s a lot of money to buy that piece of equipment,’ you need to think, ‘If I bought that piece of equipment, I could do this with it, and I can do it in half the time it took me before and I can do it with half the people because now I’ve got robotic instruments and a GPS unit.’ It’s the whole picture. The fact that you can gather information quickly, efficiently and accurately—that puts it all into the big picture and makes it all work.”

– David E. Titcomb, PLS

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