Interactive PDF Answers FAQs About the GS18 I GNSS RTK

This at-a-glance summary from the recent Q&A webinar covers the questions surveyors are asking most about the new GNSS RTK with visual positioning.  

 – What is GNSS with visual positioning?

 – How is the GS18 I different from other sensors with imaging that have been available in the past?

 – How accurate are the results?

 – Is the GS18 I a replacement for LiDAR? Does it replace total stations?

 – What is the most valuable aspect of the imagery?

These are just a few of the questions surveyors have been asking about the innovative new Leica GS18 I, the world’s first GNSS smart antenna with visual positioning. A team of Leica Geosystems product managers and support engineers from the US and Canada recently took the GS18 I out into the real world and put it to the test on several applications that have previously been limiting for GNSS. In a 60-minute webinar in mid-September, the team walked through some of the most common questions they’ve received about the GS18 I, shared some of their own discoveries on the “what if” journey, and answered additional questions from the audience.

A new interactive PDF provides a summary of the Q&A along with easy access to the video clips showing some of the capabilities and sample datasets captured with the GS18 I.  


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