Learn More About the New GS18 I GNSS RTK Rover in These Virtual Events

Go behind the scenes with the experts to learn about the innovative new GNSS RTK rover with visual positioning.

The new Leica GS18 I is the world’s first GNSS smart antenna with visual positioning. It has the same intelligent tilt technology as the GS18 T and the advanced signal tracking capabilities of the smartest GNSS antennas, but the GS18 I doesn’t stop there. It takes another leap forward in technological innovation with the addition of an imaging sensor, allowing you to perform photogrammetric measurements on the fly. 

How do these capabilities impact productivity, efficiency and ROI in surveying? Where does GNSS RTK with visual positioning fit into a surveyor’s toolbox? And how can you use visual positioning and other GNSS innovations to create new opportunities for your business?

Bob Kilburn, surveying and engineering product and applications manager for Leica Geosystems in the U.S. and Canada, along with Ted Miller, Burke Asay and Tim Kerr, answer these and other questions and go behind the scenes on the GS18 I capabilities and workflows in several on-demand events. Click the images below for more information or to watch now.

WEBINAR – GS18 I: How GNSS with Visual Positioning Changes the Game for Surveyors


The new GS18 I GNSS RTK rover with visual positioning promises to dramatically increase efficiency by enabling you to measure hundreds of points in minutes, reach previously inaccessible points, and capture points from a safe distance. To find out how this capability impacts surveying in the real world, our team of product managers and support engineers here in the US and Canada put the GS18 I to the test on several applications that have previously been limiting for GNSS. In this Q&A webinar, they walk you through their discoveries and answer your questions about what you can really expect from the latest GNSS innovation. You’ll learn:

• Best practices for using point clouds created from imagery vs. LiDAR
• Where GNSS RTK with visual positioning fits into a surveyor’s toolbox
• How to optimize field and office workflows to maximize efficiency gains and growth opportunities
• How to define standard operating procedures to achieve the fastest ROI
• Why GNSS with visual positioning is the new standard in surveying

Watch now to discover the true potential of this groundbreaking GNSS innovation.

You can also download the PDF summary.


WEBINAR – How to Use GNSS Innovations to Optimize Your Surveying Field Workflows


The GNSS rover is recognized as one of the most valuable tools in a surveyor’s toolbox for its ability to quickly cover large areas while providing accurate real-time positioning. But what happens when you need to measure points that are difficult or hazardous to reach? What if the view to the sky is limited, or a significant level of detail is required on a complex structure?

If you find yourself spending too much time working around obstacles, carrying extra tools to the jobsite “just in case” or dismissing GNSS on some projects altogether because you’re not confident it will capture the required data, this webinar is for you. Join Bob Kilburn, Ted Miller and Tim Kerr to learn how to optimize GNSS surveying field safety, efficiency and data capture on even complex projects by using the latest technology advances.

You’ll discover:

• How to use built-in signal tracking, RTK validation and other smart technology to maximize reliability and productivity in urban environments and under tree canopy
• How to use tilt compensation to work smarter, safer and faster
• What to know about RTK correction services before you head to the jobsite
• How to use visual positioning in the field to maximize safety, minimize field time and eliminate return trips
• How to scale your approach so you can take advantage of innovation wherever you are in your business growth roadmap

Watch now to learn how to quickly advance your GNSS surveying capabilities to maximize your field workflows and business success. 

You can also download the PDF summary.


WEBINAR – Office Workflows to Take Your GNSS Surveys to the Next Level


What do you do with your survey data after you leave the field? Are you confident in your data integrity? Can you verify data quality and correct errors without returning to the site? Can you quickly merge multiple data sets? Do you have easy access to visualizations and reporting? 

These are just some of the capabilities that are elevating the workflows of some of today’s most successful survey firms, and it’s all possible with the right office software. 

In this 60-minute webinar, Burke Asay of Leica Geosystems walks you through three scenarios using data captured with the new Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK rover to show you how to maximize your survey workflows in the office using Leica Infinity software.

You’ll learn:
• How to see your linework in a 3D environment to verify quality and identify problem areas
• How to easily fix field data errors in the office
• How to measure points from images to avoid return site visits
• How to create point clouds from images to improve your visualizations
• How to combine image-generated point clouds with LiDAR-captured point clouds to create detailed surfaces, contours and volume reports
• How to combine drone imagery with other sensor data to create impressive deliverables

If you’re still taking your GNSS and other survey data directly from the field into CAD, you need to watch this webinar to see what you’re missing. Watch now.

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