Arora and Associates, P.C., Becomes First Company Worldwide to Invest in Leica Pegasus TRK500 Neo

Adding autonomous, intelligent mobile mapping capabilities to its award-winning engineering, surveying, planning and construction management services gives the consulting engineering firm an edge in projects requiring fast turnaround and exceptional quality.

Arora and Associates, P.C. (Arora), a midsized engineering consulting firm with offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, has become the first company worldwide to invest in the new Leica Pegasus TRK500 Neo mobile mapping system. The innovative technology combines autonomy, intelligence, and simplicity to improve efficiency and expedite the turnaround on high-quality surveying, engineering, and asset management deliverables.

Autonomous, Intelligent Mobile Lidar

During high-speed data collection, the Pegasus TRK autonomously handles calibration, accuracy estimation and in-field processing to ensure a complete, high-quality dataset. An intelligent combination of machine learning and hardware architecture empowers users to decode and extract information on the fly, with real-time blurring of identifiers such as people and vehicles to protect privacy. Guided workflows, live system feedback and in-field online support increase productivity and confidence in acquisition quality.

The Pegasus TRK is so light that it can be operated by one person, making mapping projects more efficient and cost-effective. A SmartFusion camera system with up to 120 MP integrated view and the ability to add more cameras for pavement analysis and other image capture provides enhanced agility. A rugged design and IP67 rating minimize the potential for weather delays, helping to ensure projects stay on schedule.

Faster Access to Better Project Insights

Arora will use the technology to provide a fast turnaround on exceptional quality deliverables for both engineering and asset management projects.

“With the Leica Pegasus TRK, we can offer more information, and better information, early on in projects where we can eliminate some of the unknowns that happen during preliminary and final design,” says Senior Vice President Sachdeep S. Arora, PE. “The Leica mobile lidar technology enhances our engineering practice as a whole.

“The world we’re working toward is one in which design and engineering happen in the 3D digital realm,” he adds. “We’ve had those capabilities already with terrestrial laser scanning, but not without the expense of time and resources. Now with the TRK, we’re going to be able to provide that information to our clients and teaming partners much more accurately and efficiently. We can’t wait to show the industry what we can do with this technology.”

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