Video: The Mobile Mapping Office Workflow That Gets Data Out Quickly

Kyle Palmer, RPLS, shows the key to making mobile mapping data management and deliverable creation as fast and easy as the field data collection.

Everyone appreciates the speed of mobile mapping except for one significant hurdle: data processing in the office. Is there a way to make data management and deliverable creation as fast and easy as the field data collection?

Leica Cyclone Pegasus OFFICE software accomplishes this goal. As Kyle Palmer, RPLS, shows in this video, the autonomy, intelligence and simplicity of the Leica Pegasus TRK mobile mapping system extends into the office with a guided workflow that expands your capabilities. From project planning, storage, and navigation to trajectory adjustments, control point target identification, visual matching, and more, the software completely transforms mobile mapping office tasks into a high-value, high-efficiency operation.

Pegasus Two and Pegasus Two Ultimate users with a current Pegasus Manager license can also benefit from the dramatic efficiency gains of the new Pegasus OFFICE software. The software can be downloaded from the Leica MyWorld portal.

About the Author:

Kyle Palmer, RPLS, began his career as an instrument operator and survey crew chief before finding his calling in reality capture. After 15 years of working with lidar data, Kyle is relieved to finally have access to technology that streamlines the entire workflow, and he’s thrilled to be able to share his expertise with other surveying and mapping professionals. As mobile mapping consultant for Leica Geosystems, Kyle assists private firms and public agencies of all sizes in their mobile mapping journey.  Follow Kyle on LinkedIn. 

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