Video: Easy Scanning, Import, and Editing with a Scanning Total Station and Surveyor-Focused CAD Software

Leica Geosystems’ Andrew Gillis and MicroSurvey’s Kailey Graves show how to streamline an as-built survey workflow by pairing the MS60 MultiStation with MicroSurvey CAD software. 

In efficient surveying and engineering workflows, data moves from the field to the final deliverable without getting mired in time-intensive, repetitive tasks. Using a total station is pretty straightforward, but what happens to workflows when you use an instrument combining multiple sensors, such as a scanning total station? Having the right hardware and software combination is key. 
Andrew Gillis, technical representative in the Atlantic region for Leica Geosystems, shows how he uses the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation to complete a polygon area scan and full dome scan with only a few button clicks. Then, Kailey Graves at MicroSurvey highlights how MicroSurvey CAD enables quick and easy drafting from the MS60 data using the software’s one-step scan import capabilities, noise clipping tools, and work plane computation tools.
Watch the video to see how pairing the MS60 Multistation with MicroSurvey CAD provides a seamless field-to-finish workflow for as-built surveys. 

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