Video: How GNSS with Visual Positioning Optimizes an ALTA Survey

With the latest GNSS innovation, you can easily take even your most basic surveys from good to exceptional.

A typical ALTA survey is anything but easy. Locating and documenting all the physical details of the property is only one part of the job; the research on all the nuances of the title and issues surrounding the property is often the most intense part of the process. For this reason, the ability to streamline your site survey work can give you a significant advantage. Watch the video to see how the GS18 I GNSS RTK rover with visual positioning makes it fast and easy to capture every detail. The ability to measure from images in the field with clear QC values on every measurement ensures quality data with no data gaps.


Note: This video is an excerpt from a webinar. Watch the full webinar here: How to Use GNSS Innovations to Optimize Surveying Field Workflows