Video: How to Accelerate FF/FL Reporting with a Simple Software Plugin

Peyton Hatch shows an easy way to create FF/FL reports from point clouds using Leica CloudWorx.

Accurately assessing the quality of concrete slabs and flat surfaces is often part of the deliverable requirements in providing as-built surveys for facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial sites. However, the traditional methods for collecting and processing data for floor flatness/floor levelness (FF/FL) reports can be time-intensive and prone to errors.

Leica Instrument Specialist Peyton Hatch demonstrates how the Leica CloudWorx CAD plugin can be used to create FF/FL reports, resulting in significant time savings both in data collection and processing. By laser scanning the surface, data can be quickly captured and processed into point clouds, which can then be easily visualized using the plugin. This saves time while improving accuracy and reliability, leading to more objective assessments of the quality of concrete slabs and flat surfaces.

By using the plugin, you can streamline your FF/FL reporting workflows and achieve a more efficient approach to floor flatness and floor levelness reporting. This software tool helps you  create reliable assessments of flat surfaces in a fraction of the time you spent before.

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