New Field App Makes Staking Workflows Fast and Easy

An app that app does all the work while you maintain all the control? That’s what you’ll find in the new Captivate Quick Stake app.

Working with staked points, lines and arcs should be the easiest part of your field work. A new app released by Leica Geosystems makes these tasks as simple as a tap.

Called Quick Stake, the app uses predefined checkboxes, simple commands, and smart input fields to accelerate staking workflows and minimize the risk of errors. You can quickly and easily stake single points (using point ID or direction), point ranges, lines and arcs by selecting from a drop-down menu and entering basic parameters. To simplify workflows, settings can be configured before crews head to the field. Built-in review and reporting functions provide quality assurance.

“Automation is key,” says Ted Miller, software development center manager for Leica Geosystems in the U.S. and Canada. “By automating commonly performed staking tasks and routines, Quick Stake accelerates staking time by 50% or more while reducing the risk of errors. It’s a simple app with a lot of power built in.”

The app can be used on any controller or total station running Captivate v6.0 or higher. A free, fully functional demo lets you explore the new capabilities and experience the time savings.

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