New Survey Pole System Promises Significant Time Savings

An innovative prism pole system with tilt compensation, automatic pole height readings and unique target identification takes total station surveying to the next level.

How much time would you save on every surveying project if you didn’t have to stop to level your prism pole or measure the pole height after an adjustment?

These are just a couple of the advantages touted by the new Leica AP20 AutoPole from Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon. The groundbreaking technology combines an intelligent sensor module with a new reflector pole and operates with Leica Geosystems’ existing automated total stations to make surveying workflows autonomous.

The system’s tilt compensation capability decreases measurement time and increases flexibility and safety onsite by allowing you to easily measure points in inaccessible or hazardous locations. The system’s ability to measure pole height automatically in the field software ensures that the height on record is always correct, which avoids errors, time-consuming post-processing and returning to the field to remeasure.

The AP20 AutoPole also uniquely identifies targets, ensuring that your instrument will always lock to the correct target.

By solving these challenges, the AP20 is expected to provide a significant increase in productivity and safety.


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