Video: FIG Young Surveyors’ Conference Presentation Highlights Surveying Sustainability

Jason Houle of Leica Geosystems presents an engaging look at how to harness technology for an agile, sustainable future.

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Over the last year, businesses had to adapt to working in a pandemic environment. They had to invest in technology that allowed them to interact differently with their clients and employees, as well as technology that allowed people to effectively work alone and adhere to social distancing requirements. 

So what does surveying look like in a post-COVID world? 

Companies that made these technology investments are in a good place. They’re seeing improved productivity, increased safety and higher profitability. As a result, these businesses are more sustainable. And they’re contributing to the sustainability of the entire surveying profession, both from a career standpoint and an environmental perspective.  

In this engaging and inspiring presentation from the 6th FIG Young Surveyors Conference, held online May 15-16, 2021, Jason Houle of Leica Geosystems shares numerous stories of how technology is transforming the surveying profession. From the significant safety and productivity gains of using GNSS with tilt capabilities and visual positioning, to the streamlined capabilities of automated construction staking and monitoring, to the improved communication of using point cloud data, and many other real-world examples, Jason shows why it’s an exciting time to be a surveyor and what young professionals can and should expect from their employers and careers. Watch the full presentation above.

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